This is our studio's policy and procedure when working with new clients.


1) We set up a consultation date to have you come or we call you to discuss your goals, budget, clothing choices, location and get an idea of what final products we will be trying to create.  


2)  At the consultation we discuss all of the above, and you get to touch and feel our high quality products.  We also set your portrait session date and time and your view and order date and time.  At the consultation your session fee and deposit is due.  


3)  On the day of your session we have fun and capture all the fun images we need to create your final products.  

4)  You return on the date of your view and order session to make final decisions on your order.  All decision makers must be present.  Please keep in mind, the order session will be boring for children under 12.  Please make other arrangements for young children so you can have fun and focus on your family portraits!  This appointment is included in your session fee.  If you feel you can not make your decisions at this time, an additional appointment can be made for a $35 fee.


5) At your view and order session we will run a slide show of all the best images needed to create the final products we discussed in consultation.  You can quickly choose your favorites and then we choose your final wall portraits, gift prints, book images and any specialty items and frames you may choose.  Your deposit is applied fully to the final order and any remaining balance is paid.  We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards.  A $35 fee applies to returned NSF checks.  We will not put up any digital galleries until after the view and order session, because we want to ensure your family and friends only see your very favorite poses!


6) I get to work on your order.  Orders can take 4-6 weeks, especially if there is a lot of enhancing or digital art.  Our studio manager will call you when your complete order is ready for pick up.  You come to the studio and view all of your beautiful portraits and sign for them.  Then you get to take them home and enjoy!  Due to the custom nature of photography, all items ordered are no-refundable.  However, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we will replace any print that does not meet our high quality standards.


7) All personal information you provide to us is kept confidential.  We will never sell or give away your personal data to any other company or individual.