International Award Winning Images

Here they are!  The images that are propelling me forward to my Master of Photography degree.  These images have all been internationally recognized in the PPA International Print Competition.  Each earned a print merit toward my Master's degree, two of the images were International LOAN Images, earning two merits. Both "Cold Feet" and "Cupcake Wars" were published internationally in the PPA Showcase Book.  "Enchantress" was published internationally in PPA's Professional Photographer magazine and the 2016 PPA Loan Book.  Most recently, "Masquerade Maiden" was nominated as one of the top ten images in the Senior Portrait category in the Grand Imaging Awards, PPA's International Print Competition's award ceremony, in Nashville, Tennessee.  "Masquerade Maiden" was also published in the 2017 PPA Loan Book and used for advertising in the PPA magazine Professional Photographer and on the PPA website.  

Please contact me for more information on print competition if you are a photographer, or if you would like to be photographed for a conceptual art piece that may become and international award candidate!  or check out PPA's website to learn more about PPA,