Heirlooms. . .

Time is ticking away. . . Here we are in NOVEMBER already!  Staring down Thanksgiving, Christmas and snow.  Yes, today was our first real snow, on Nov. 2nd.  I am not a fan.  But I do love good snow portraits!  So, I will embrace the end of fall and beginning of winter.  My goal is to create some beautiful snowy family portraits this year!  Also, maybe build a snowman or two and create at least one snowy landscape image that I love.  I am heading to Buffalo, Laramie and Jackson WY soon, so I should have some good opportunities!  What are your goals for the winter?

Speaking of Christmas, have you thought about what you will give your loved ones this year?  Family portraits are a great gift idea!  Your parents love pictures of you,  so do your children!  And if you really want to give a great gift, get a gift certificate from Gail Carver Photography to surprise someone special!  Portraits are a very personal, very unique gift.  It is also a gift that will be priceless to you and your loved ones in a matter of years.  Time is tricky, it gets away from us.  Book your portrait session today, so you capture this moment and create another heirloom.